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Consulting Services pick up where Workshops leave off.  These services are designed to address opportunities and issues that were uncovered that will impact outcomes. 

There are learning components in any project that enable continuous improvements to be made even as work proceeds.  Direct participation in Outcome Improvement Projects from Day 1 greatly increases the likelihood that objectives and long-term benefits will be fully realized.  Many recommendations come to light as systems become better aligned with business needs.  Although working together is certainly important during the development of specifications and plans, collaboration does not stop there and begin again with acceptance testing.  There are many places along the way where decisions can be made that will dramatically improve the intended result.  Then, too, nothing is truly static and sacred.   Being flexible brings its own value. 

Our Typical Consulting Services include the following:

  • Metrics, Performance Audits & Needs Assessments
  • Team Facilitation and Problem Solving
  • Technical Support for Specific Improvements
    • Identity & Data Protection
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • System Consolidation
    • Technology Alignment to Business Needs
  • Implementation Planning
    • Business Case Development
    • Product and Vendor Selection
    • RFP/RFQ Support
  • Project Management & Implementation Support
    • Change Management
    • Training

Other services and support are encouraged and available on a case by case basis.

To be totally successful, excellence is required at every level.

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