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PERSONAL HEALTH RECORDS:  Hurricane Katrina helped to make Tom Rockwood, the presenter in this self-paced PowerPoint, aware of the importance of having a Personal Health Record in times of emergency.  The care of grandchildren and elderly parents has further demonstrated their importance as he has come into contact with medical professionals who are under increasing cost and time pressures and innovative technologies improve diagnosis and treatment of illnesses.  Patient responsibility and participation in the management of their healthcare requires a place to record and track details and serve as reminders.   The transition to more effective, personalized medicine based upon an individual's DNA will help to control rising costs and increase efficiencies.  Using a PHR to organize and manage the growing volume of medical data will be increasingly important as a person grows older and requires increased assistance.

Tom Rockwood is a founding member of IDentometric Solutions, L.L.C., developer of Lifelong Personal Health Record( software and founder and president of Rockwood Management Services, a strategic management and technology consultancy and originator of Outcome Improvement.

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DATA PROTECTION:  What three words annoy employees, threaten security and grind productivity to a halt?  Find out from this fast moving, hard hitting, 4-minute infomercial  from Triad Biometrics.  Their new product brings a new paradigm to information security.

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COMMUNICATIONS AND MARKETING:  Dave Kern from Video Impact talks about ways videos are revolutionizing marketing and personal communications.

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