Outcome Improvement Workshops

Customized for General and Executive Audiences


No one knows what they do not know!

 Could you . . . .

Fail to recognize something important;

make a poor decision;

not set the right example;

suffer unfortunate consequences or

become a victim of media spin?

If so, you will benefit. 

Individuals and organizations spend millions of dollars and thousands of hours on technical improvements, yet, too many outcomes, including Y2K, have proven disappointing and failed to deliver optimum performance. Symptoms, including growing epidemics of security breaches and identity theft, indicate the need for improvements, but the jury is out concerning what is really necessary. Compliance and "best practices" do not guarantee results either.  Too often, when it comes to making technology decisions, key facts can be missed or misunderstood.  Our mission is to increase knowledge and awareness for better decisions, performance and outcomes.

We believe that every person should play a strong role in decisions that affect them.  Technology, processes and procedures are only as good as the people that make them work.  Everyone needs to ask the right questions to make more informed decisions.  It is time to learn what is needed to achieve better decisions and outcomes.

Our Outcome Improvement Workshops fill knowledge gaps supporting a “Continuous Improvement Model” that enhances holistic performance from investments in technology, processes and people.  Workshops address issues, provide insight, ideas, specific recommendations and guidance for those taking ownership and following through with project plans and migration strategies. 

Different sessions have been created to better address the needs and interests of participants.  One size does not fit all.  Sessions are conducted interactively within a team-building environment to increase collaboration and morale.  Overall, the information that is provided is designed to assure informed decisions, better communications, superior results and greater ability to anticipate and deal with emergencies, including those of a personal nature.  Knowledge gaps are plugged with ideas and insights that increase individual capabilities.  Tips are included that everyone should know when working with technology to get the most out of it.

Participants fill knowledge gaps through our research and education programs.



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What Workshop Participants Do

  • Interact, listen, discuss and learn

  • •Collect and share facts, insights and opinions

  • Make plans for team and personal follow-up

  • •Establish lasting relationships


How You and Your Team will Benefit

  • Learn innovative tips and techniques

  • Protect valuable and private data better

  • •Reduce risk of breaches and identity thefts

  • •Comply with growing rules and regulations

  • •Make healthcare more effective and productive

  • •Increase morale, collaboration and team spirit

  • •Eliminate excessive complexity and overload

  • •Anticipate, recognize and respond to changes and emergencies better and faster

  • Receive greater value from technology

When participants return to their jobs, they are better equipped to be successful in performing the tasks assigned to them.  They take away action lists to follow that also apply to their personal lives and can be shared with friends and family.  Even if investments appear to be living up to expectations, we believe that many are underperforming and have room for improvement.  Why not find ways to gain added value from scarce resources and avoid common pitfalls?  No one can learn and do everything themselves.  Greater value is realized when a measured, incremental method is followed that avoids overwhelming budgets and the people assigned to implement them.

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